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What You Need To Start Your Real Estate Sales Office

You have been working for another real estate sales firm for years and now it is time for you to start your own office. It is an exciting time, but you have a lot of work to do. Legally, you cannot take your current client list with you to your new business because of the contracts you signed with your current employer. But with some tenacity and hard work, you should be able to get your new office up and going quickly.


You should start recruiting real estate agents the moment you leave your old firm and get ready to start your new one. Not only will agents help you to bring in new clients, but your agents can also start doing their own canvassing work to build up your inventory of available properties.

Internet Presence

The Internet is where you will market your business, find new properties and list properties for sale. Not only should you register for every real estate network available, but you need a strong social media presence and a standard website as well. When your new office starts to gain momentum, you will start to get buyers and sellers reaching out to you online.

Reputation Management

The real estate business is all about your agents having positive reputations and your office having a reputation for getting the job done. When your office makes a sale, you need to post that success all over the Internet. You should keep track of sales figures and post them whenever you can. Reputation management means putting out as much positive information about your business as possible. Not only will that positive reputation bring you more clients, but it will help to rebuff the negative comments your business might get along the way.

When the time comes to open your own real estate office, be sure that spend plenty of time putting all of the right pieces in place to enhance your ability to find long-term success.

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