Tips For Cutting Down On Your Trucking Company Costs

When you own a trucking company, you have to keep a close eye on costs. Between gas and replacement tires, expenses to run your business can get out of control. To go along with rising costs, you also have to worry about keeping your customers happy and securing repeat business. It can take years to find that right balance that brings you customer satisfaction and maximum profitability. In the meantime, there are some ways that you can cut costs that can help your business survive.

Outsourcing Loads

Outsourcing loads can be tricky because most of your customers want to be sure that they are doing business with your company and not someone else. But on those days you are busy and you have local loads for trucks that are hard to find, you should consider contacting another company to help take those loads for you. It can be to your benefit to spend time establishing relationships with other local trucking companies to develop the trust you need to make sure your customers are kept happy.


If you are not using routing software to help establish your delivery routes, then you could be losing out on a lot of money. Routing software takes into account fuel costs and potential wear on tires that makes your runs more profitable. Good routing software can pay for itself quickly and help your company to keep routine maintenance expenses down on your vehicles.

Driver Monitoring

When your drivers drive too fast and take corners too close, they are eating up extra fuel and putting unnecessary wear on your tires. You should invest in a monitoring system that keeps track of how your drivers drive, and then schedule regular training sessions with each driver to teach them how to drive in more economical ways.

The expenses associated with running a trucking business can get out of control quickly if you are not paying attention. There are steps you can take to monitor your expenses and make sure that your business is maximizing its time and minimizing wasted money.


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