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Ghana Entertainment News: Carry’s The Slave King Is Showing This June 17 Young and aspiring film writer Gilbert Ramy Carrey is ready for his big movie premier this coming June 17. His movie The Slave King can be viewed at the Silverbird Cinemas at the Accra and Westhills Malls. The Slave King tells us the story of a young man (Guru) and what he does after being captured and enslaved by a cruel and unforgiving king. The king also captures Guru’s lover and decides to make her as his slave. Guru makes a plan to free himself, his lover, and the other slaves but he is unaware that the king has intentions of marrying his woman. The king later on decides to pay assassins and send Guru to his final destination.
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The movie casts some of Ghana’s most brilliant and talented actors. Some of them are Edinam Atatsi, Jose Tolvert, and Fred Nii Amugi.
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The young film writer Gilbert is on his way to success as he is nominated in the Discovery of the Year category during the annual EMY Africa Award. During his interview, he said that he found his inspiration when reading Ola Rotimi’s The God’s Are Not To Be Blamed. As a result, his masterpiece will premiere this month. This proves that inspiration chooses no time and place. Believe it or not, creating this movie is a long time dream for Gilbert. As early as 11 years old, he started writing the initial draft of this movie. The youngest African writer and producer serves as an inspiration to each and every aspiring writers especially the young ones. When the reporter asked him why should the public patronize his masterpiece, he answered and said that his movie is a classic Ghanaian film and is made by the most talented and hard working cast and crew. He is very confident that the people will appreciate and love his film. He also added that the movie can be enjoyed by the entire family because it includes morals and lessons that can be used in real life. The Slave King is the trump card of the Ghanaian movie industry. Not only is the film action packed, it also focuses on the consequences of slavery and chaos. The movie aims to open the eyes of it’s viewers to these issues. He also mentioned that we should be grateful we are living in a different era and that we are free men. Gilbert is very proud to represent his country and is honored to be the youngest producer in Ghana. Gilbert encouraged the people to support and sponsor passionate movie directors for the movie industry in Ghana to grow.